COVID-19 and Colorful Jerseys

I want to apologize, but our store shutdown. We would love to ship your Colorful Jerseys as soon as the world starts work again.

If you buy your Colorful Jersey now and wait for shipping, we will mail your Colorful Jersey for free and give you a 10% discount voucher for your next order (EUA and Europe only).

News: Colorful Jerseys decided not to ship any merchandise sold during the COVID-19 shutdown to prioritize the safety of our community.

We are determined to focus on people staying at home for as long as needed. We want to help our community to avoid unnecessary contact with other people and prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Colorful Jerseys will start its activities again as soon as specific countries agree that we are safe to do it.

Refund Policy during COVID-19: Even though we are giving you free shipping and a 10% discount, we are not happy with what is going on in the world. Due to this reason, we also offer you a full refund in the case you bought a Colorful Jersey but don't want to wait longer than normal to receive it.

I want to apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for understand,
Augusto Bartelle